Symbolism of Zodiac Signs – Gemini The Twins

Posted by Ben Johnson on July - 14 - 2010

The symbolism of Zodiac signs, Zodiac Symbols and their logos tells us a lot about that particular Zodiac group. These symbols are often represented with illustrations and the same signs are used across the globe. Looking at these symbols we can learn alot about symbolism and delivering complex ideas into concise illustrations. This is why we have decided to run a Zodiac signs series on Logology, the logo design blog. Because, we believe that the illustrations drawn by thousands of artists from all over the world to represent these twelve signs are related to our discussions here. Consider for a moment that each Zodiac sign represents a brand, then look at these signs and how they describe that particular brand and traits and characterstics associated to it.

Gemini Twins Symbol Sign Logo

The Zodiac sign representing Gemini tells you all you want to know about this sign and people born in it. It shows two twin children sometimes these children are facing each other and sometimes they are facing opposite directions. Sometimes, Gemini is also represented with Roman literal for two II. 

Gemini Symbol II

Gemini is said to be a two faced, full of contradictions, tricky, emotional, and complex sign. Represented by two children facing opposite directions, the sign of Gemini reflects the contradiction predicted in the behavior of people born into this zodiac sign. 

The characterstics of Gemini are often compared with characterstics of children. They are happy natured, carefree, restless, energetic, beautiful and charming. But they also have the qualities that one would not like to see in an adult. For example, they become too whiny when they don’t get enough attention, love, time and care. They also throw empty threats to their loved ones if they don’t get attention. Gemini are also said to be the unpredictbles they often face difficulty in making strong decisions. They even change their decisions in the middle and in a rush.  They could be very cunning, celever, deceiteful, and lying comes naturally to them. 

The good qualities of Gemini include attractiveness. They are the charmers, which makes them very good liars. But they are also very affectionate, caring, devoted, and kind. They are very generous in sharing these qualities with others around them as far as this sharing does not interfer into their lifestyle in any little or major way. 

The Sign of Gemini also tells us that Gemeni has more strength in upper body parts such as arms, shoulders, neck, chest, and backbone. However, Geminis are adventurous and love to take risks to seek pleasure and benefits. This sometimes leads them to a lifestyle where they can’t tell when is the time to pull off. 

Geminis like to enjoy life to its fullest. They like talking just for the fun of it, they like changes in their lives and get bored with routine, they like to read, and they love to ride many boats at a time. 

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  5. newton says:

    i am a gemini but there are certain things i want you to educate me about,what is the reason why gemini are twins and now i cant see the other twins of me i am alone,

    is that second one my love woman or my spirit..?

    where is the where about of the second one that i cant see?or are my surpose to be born twins to complete the balance of a gemini or the second one is still there either am born twins or not…? where is main dual of a gemini where do i belong,sea,sun,or fire? where can i go to call my spirit or perform my power is it the river,sun,fire,or where…? pls kindly answer this question according to the questions marks and make your answer to the questions simple that i can understands them gently..thanks am Newton

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