U.S. Missile Defense Agency's Logo

Missile Defense Agency’s Logo Too Islamic

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency’s logo Design is under the heat these days. According to right-wing conservative bloggers the new logo looks similar to the Islamic sign of Crescent and star. Some even matched it with the Iranian Space Agency’s logo.

Irani Space Agency's Logo Design

Irani Space Agency Logo

Obama’s policies which are often criticized as being too socialist came under heated discussions and some commentators even matched this logo with the communist socialist symbol of hammer and sickle.

Soviet Socialist Communist Symbol of a Hammer and Sickle

Conservatives were already blaming Obama for being too Pro-Islamic. Some even blamed that the Obama policies especially the health care bill are actually the implementation of Islamic Sharia Laws.

During the whole Missile Defense Logo noise, Obama’s 2008 campaign logo also came under strict scrutiny and conservatives blamed that the Missile Defense Agency’s logo looks like Obama’s 2008 Election campaign.

Obama's 2008 Campaign Logo

Obama’s 2008 Campaign Logo

We are least interested in Defense budget or Healthcare politics. What interests us is that how these people think that this logo is similar to Iranian Space Agency Logo? Sorry but we are unable to see the similarity. As logo design artists, we believe that both the logos are silly and poorly designed. What you think? Do you think that Missile Defense Agency’s logo is too Islamic for American values?

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Obama Imposing Islam on America Adding Islamic Iconography into Government Logos http://bit.ly/ah6eDS

  2. LogoInn says:

    #Obama imposing #Socialist #Islam on America #healthcare bill contains Islamic Sharia Laws….. http://bit.ly/cfLxRm

  3. Logoinn says:

    #Obama imposing #Socialist #Islam on America #healthcare bill contains Islamic Sharia Laws….. http://bit.ly/cfLxRm

  4. RT @LogoInn: #Obama imposing #Socialist #Islam on America #healthcare bill contains Islamic Sharia Laws….. http://bit.ly/cfLxRm

  5. Whitworth Cotten says:

    Man, I think some people have too much time on their hands. If you cook enough pancakes you can sometimes see the face of Jesus on one (or is that Jerry Garcia?).

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