Most Commonly Used Logo Design Styles

Posted by Ben Johnson on September - 5 - 2010

Clients often come to us with logo design ideas of their own. Sometimes we get customers who are totally clueless about what kind of logo design they should have. At logoinnTM we are proud of our sales and support team. They know what clients need and often go out of their way to assist them. Most of our clients have a pretty good idea of what a logo design is and what it does for a business, but sometimes they get confused when it comes to choosing a style for their logo design.

There are many different styles of logo design commonly used to create logos. In this post we will discuss some of the most commonly used logo design styles. The variety in style is not limited to present a certain set of styles and claim that we have covered the topic. The purpose is to give some examples of commonly used logo design styles and how some of the world’s most recognized brands are using them.

Wordmark Logo Design (Type Only Logo)

These are the logo designs where only text is used to create the logo. Typography is a very important aspect of logo design and sometimes creative usage of typography can achieve the desired impact. Wordmark logos are considered simple and elegant but they are in no way easier than anyother logo design. Typeface, colors, type settings and font weight are the design elements of wordmark and in order to communicate the desired message they all need to be used smartly.

Mostly banks, financial institutes, and legal firms use this kind of logo design but as you can see in examples below it can work for any kind of business.


Graphic + Wordmark Logo Design

This is porbably the most commonly used logo design style. It is combination of graphic design and creative typography. The text is more prominent in the examples below but in some logo designs you would notice that illustrations, graphic elements and shapes get more prominence than the typography.

Geometric shapes, illustrations and drawings are often used in this kind of logo design. It also provides more creative space to the designers to illustrate the desired message. For new small businesses and startups this kind of logo design is often advised.

Brandmark Only Logos

These are the logo designs where only the brand mark is used to achieve the desired effect. However, such logo designs mostly work for the most well recognized brands. Using it for a less established brand could have negative impact as it wouldn’t be too clear to the audiences. Some of the world’s most well known brands use their brandmark only logos on their products and marketing material but as you can see that we have used Nike’s swoosh below which is exactly not the logo of the logo but it is often used alone without accompanying text.

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  1. Most Commonly Used Logo Design Styles #branding #brand

  2. Most Commonly Used Logo Design Styles

  3. Most Commonly Used Logo Design Styles

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    Most Commonly Used Logo Design Styles | Logology

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    Most Commonly Used Logo Design Styles

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    RT @logoinn: Most Commonly Used Logo Design Styles

  8. RT @LogoInn: RT @logoinn: Most Commonly Used Logo Design Styles

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    the T-shirts, stickers, and posters that any artist’s fans proudly display.In general, there are three kinds of logos: wordmark, graphic + wordmark, and brandmark. Wordmark logos consist only of words, whereas.

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