Meaning of Colors in Designing

Posted by Ben Johnson on January - 27 - 2009

Colors are the life of any type of graphic designing. Without effective colors it is nearly impossible to design a winning brand identity. Every color has its own meaning and each color describes different purpose and idea. One must take care of the selection of the color that it should exactly communicate about the brand and company’s mission and vision.
Here I am going to define basic meaning of some essential colors. It is necessary to have inner knowledge of colors for perfection in graphic designing, and it is also important for a designing professional to lean the meaning of these colors.


Red is a color of blood, it means it is a color of life. It is one of the most popular and warmest among all other colors. King of flowers ‘Rose’ is red, and red is chosen for the bridal dress in most countries.
Red shows energy, strength, love, passion, romance, warmth, excitement, blood, desire, enthusiasm, danger, joyfulness, speed, courage, prominence, intensity etc.
For businesses red can be used for portraying passion, excitement, and attention. Red can bring enthusiasm to your brand.


When you see blue, you feel like relax and cool. Blue is one of the coolest color. The sky is blue, the ocean is blue. Everything which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed is colored blue by the nature.
Blue portrays creativity, wisdom, gentleness, calmness, trust, loyalty, intelligence, devotion, confidence, comfort, ideas, harmony, friendship, patience etc.
A business can use blue to represent loyalty, confidence and trustworthiness. Most businesses use blue to build customer loyalty and brand reliability.


Green symbolizes the nature. Natural things which give your mind comfort like grass, fertility is in green. Balanced personalities prefer green. Green also shows good health and fortune.
Green typifies success, fertility, growth, endurance, freshness, nature, immortality, environment, good luck, youthfulness, safety, contemplation, joyfulness, hope, dependability, friendliness etc.
Companies often use green for food and health products. Green can represent healthiness, plentifulness and dedication.


When red and blue are blended, the purple is formed, so purple has the qualities of both the red and blue. Purple is cool like blue and powerful like red. This color gives the essence of spiritual fulfillment, and symbolizes magic and mystery.
Purple depicts spiritual power, knowledge, dignity, influence, royalty, mystery, enlightment, extravagance, sophistication, cruelty, arrogance, empathy, imagination, déjà vu, fame, sensuality, luxury, elegance, majesty etc.
Purple is generally used for premium service businesses. Purple represents businesses as wise, celebrated and sovereigns.


Yellow is a representation of brightness and purity. Yellow is favored by intelligent people. Yellow is usually used for showcasing creativeness and intellect. Sun is the great example of yellow which lightens the earth and humankind.
Yellow represents brightness, light, intelligence, imagination, social energy, respect, shine, happiness, optimism, purity, honor, perception, understanding, dishonesty, wisdom, betrayal, curiosity, mellowness, confidence, jealousy, mellowness, summer, philosophy, glory etc.
For businesses yellow is a color of happiness, warmth and awareness. Companies use yellow to bestow feeling of relaxation.


Orange reflects the physical and mental comfort. It is a color of power and healing. Thoughtful and sincere people usually admire orange. This color is a mixture of red and yellow, so it has features of both the colors.

Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, vibrancy, vitality, balance, justice, flamboyance, attention, attraction, endurance, steadfastness, fascination, heat, determination, autumn, creativity, encouragement, social structure, uninhibited, fun, kids, youth.

Vivacity, potency and playfulness can be portrayed through orange. You can use orange if you want to display youthfulness and liveliness to your customers.


White is a reflection of all the colors. It enhances the presence of all other different colors. White means peace and prosperity. Brides wear white because it represents purity and virtue.

White exhibits peace, purity, spirituality, virginity, goddess, innocence, simplicity, precision, cleanliness, winter, snow, sterility, fairness, safety, innovations, holiness, feminine, chastity, positivity etc.

White can be seen in medical and health services or in women’s products. Purity, cleanliness and youthfulness can be pictured through white.


Black is opposite of white, but it works like a counterpart of white. White and black both make the greatest combination of all time. Black mostly refers to as darkness, death, fear and horror, but on the other hand it represents the corporate culture, power, credibility and seriousness.

Black means power, formality, classy, protection, sophistication, wealth, elegance, fear, depth, sadness, compunction, empowerment, bad luck, authority, reliability, prestige, seriousness, binding etc.

Most corporate and high-end branding is done through black. Black gives the feeling of credibility, elegance, power, and strength.

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    Nice blog. I got a lot of effective data. I’ve been watching this technology for awhile. It’s fascinating how it keeps changing, yet some of the core elements stay the same.

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    a very much thank u 4 the whole information.

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    Meaning of Colors in Designing Colors are the life of any type of graphic designing. Without effective colors it is nearly impossible to design a winning brand identity. Every color has its own meaning and each color describes different purpose and idea. One must take care of the selection of the color that it should exactly communicate about the brand and company’s mission and vision.

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