Libra and Balancing Scales – Symbolism of Zodiac Signs

Posted by Ben Johnson on September - 27 - 2010

Libra is the Zodiac we are going to discuss this month in our series of posts on Symbolism in Zodiac Signs. It is fascinating how people from all over the world has drawn these symbols and signs for centuries to represent Zodiac signs. Each symbol belongs to a Zodiac zone and pretends to reflect the characteristics of people born under this astrological zone. At logoinn we do something similar for the businesses, we try to represent their qualities and characteristics by drawing logo designs for them.

People born between September 23 and to October 22 are called Libra Individuals. The Zodiac Sign of Libra is the only zodiac sign represented by a non-animated object, a scale. Most other Zodiac signs are represented by either humans or animals. Libras are born during a time when summer is ending and it is time for harvest. This time of the year is considered quite calm and brings balance between the season. This balance plays an important role in the character development of the Libra individual.

Scale - Zodiac Symbol Libra

The sign for the zodiac sign of Libra is a scale. The origins of these scale takes us back to the ancient Greek Mythology. The Goddess of Justice, Astraea also known as Virgo carries the Golden Scales of justice. According to ancient Greek legends Astraea lived among humans as the goddess of justice, innocence, and purity. Due to human greed and impurity she left the Earth and became the constellation of Virgo. Her scales formed the nearby constellation Libra.

Astraea greek goddess witgh Scale The Zodiac Sign for Libra

The main characteristic of the Libra individuals is the balance. They are generally considered charming and good looking which is due to the balance that they adapt as a lifestyle. The are generally easy going and friendly people. They represent calmness which makes them good husbands and wives. They are very loving parents and try to teach their children the same balance that they believe in. The are often well organized, and can live through the difficult times quite easily. Sometimes they are considered a bit lazy due to their calmness. They can be very passionate about things such as pursuing goals to make their lives easier.

Libra are generally considered to be very rational people. They think quite clearly and can reach unbiased conclusions. Their clear thinking ability puts the in a very unique position where they are required to look at the circumstances impartially to make strong decisions. Even though they are very rational people and think clearly but once they have reached a conclusion they don’t take any criticism on that. This characteristic is also represented in the drawings of the Zodiac sign of Libra. The balance is firm and it is unpleasant to disturb it which the Libra individuals can not tolerate. Even if it is in their own favor.

This post belongs to a series of posts, to read about other zodiac signs please check out our Symbolism of Zodiac Signs series.

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  1. Libra and Balancing Scales – Symbolism of Zodiac Signs

  2. Libra and Balancing Scales – Symbolism of Zodiac Signs

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