Most Popular Fictional Logo Designs

Posted by Ben Johnson on July - 9 - 2010

No one understands brand development better than the Hollywood. What makes them really good at it is the options have they have when they are developing these brands. They are able to incorporate story lines, themes, plot and a whole lot of other things into their brands. Hollywood has always inspired artists from across the globe. Logo Designers are no exception to that. Some logos created, used and popularized by Hollywood are so famous that people from all over the world instantly recognize these logos and associate them with the brand or the movie franchise they represent. The popularity of these logos is a wonderful inspiration, as a tribute we decided to share some of the most widely recognized fictional logos.

Superman logo

This logo, or the emblem appears on the Superman’s costume. It is also known as the “S Sheild”. This logo was the first of its kind. It was an attempt to develop a brand image for a comic character. It was first introduced in the very first issue of Action Comics back in 1938. Since then there had been many variations to the original logo but the basic theme remains the same in all Superman movies, animations, tv series. The S in this logo obviously represents superman, the shield is the symbol of protection.
Batman Logo

Superman’s successful brand development inspired many other comic characters particularly super heroes to come up with a logo of their own, most notably among them is the Batman franchise. However the logo on the chest of the batman did not appear until 1964, when this yellow eclipse background with a bat emblem was first introduced on Batman’s costume.

Jurassic Park logo

One of the most successful movies of all time, Jurassic Park was branded heavily and the brand designers had really high goals in their minds from the first movie. The developed a brand that was not only representing a fictional zoo but also to be used on memorabilia, collectible items and Universal studios’ theme park of the same name.

Dharma Initiative Logo

Dharma Initiative was a fictional organization from the greatest television mysteries of all time, The Lost. Dharma Initiative was basically a research organization that set camps on the Island to research on the special properties of this piece of land specially the magnetic field that generated enormous amounts of energy.

Star Trek Logo
Star Trek Logo that appeared on the chest of the Star Fleet crew members. Many variations of this logo are used throughout the broadcast and film history of the star trek franchise. The symbols represent space ships, orbits and protection that was the main goal of the Star Fleet.

Ghostbusters logo

Ghostbusters was a fictional company in the 1984 fantasy comedy of the same name. The organization was run by three parapsychologists turned ghost exterminators. It provided the services of repelling ghosts. The logo was used during the promotion of the movie and also in the movie as the brand logo of the Ghostbusters.
Cyberdyne Systems Logo

This logo was used for the fictional organization from the Terminator series of comics and movies. Cyberdyne Systems was responsible for the genesis of the supercomputer Skynet, the primary antagonist of the Terminator series, and its armies of machines. The term is a portmanteau of the common prefix “cyber-,” from cybernetics, and “dyne,” a standard scientific unit of force.

torchwood Logo

This is the logo of Torchwood Institute from the British Television Series Dr. Who. Torchwood was founded in 1879 by Queen Victoria to protect Earth from extra terrestrial threats.

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  1. GLAD WORKS says:

    Most Popular Fictional Logo Designs

  2. Paul Cross says:

    Would love to read more on branding and logos from fictional companies in movies, like or

  3. LogoInn says:

    RT @logoinn: Most Popular Fictional Logo Designs

  4. LogoInn says:

    Most Popular Fictional Logo Designs

  5. Daniel says:

    Who own the copyright of this fictional logo? How to contact the owner?

  6. joey says:

    @Daniel which logo you are talking about? Most these logos appeared in movies, television and comic books. So who ever owns that production or publication also owns the copyright of the logo.

  7. LogoInn says:

    Most Popular Fictional Logo Designs

  8. Raf de Wit says:

    great !

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