10 worst corporate logos!!

Posted by Ben Johnson on March - 13 - 2009

Logo is a name, symbol or trademark designed for an easy recognition of an organisation. So the logo should be eye-catching that can easily develop attention of viewers. Here are few examples of bad logos that cannot match the upper criteria at all, by looking at these logos we can assume that the designers of these logos haven’t kept the original definition of logo in their minds.



This company provides career services. Their logo is a sun behind the black mountain. The concept of this logo is a rising sun which is eliminating the darkness with its bright beams of light. The concept is quiet good but the designer’s work doesn’t reflect any professionalism. Shadow of mountain with sun rising from behind could be better designed than that. In order to reflect contentment along with the success in career, two birds in white color flying above the mountain would have work best.



Aldomak is a manufacturer of chocolates in the UK. The logo of Aldomak is quiet simple but doesn’t look good due to the text font used in it and the background colors. It could be much better if the background colour used for the logo would be chocolate brown and text would be designed in such a way that it looks like as if it is written by coconut crumbs.



This company basically provides ovens and cooking range as a solution for cooking. The logo of this company is quite boring and old style. Also color combination is very bad which are green, white and orange. It could be a lot better if the logo would have been designed in such a manner that the text has been written in the centre of the oven with original flame colours which are yellow, red and blue.



This is a logo of a doctor who provides dental services. The logo seems to be a bridge with a roman style door on top of it and a person is walking through it. The designer of this logo seems to be a good artist for drawing painting but not a good designer for designing logos. The shape of the logo and colours are beside the point of what services are provided by the doctor.



This is a UK based company which provides cheap courier solutions and is named Shiply. The logo is irrelevant with the name of the company as the company name gives an idea of shipping but the logo shows a road with too many curves in it and the yellow colour shown in the logo means irresponsible reporting. A better logo could be designed for this company if the designer could have shown something which would relates with the company’s name such as a ship in the ocean moving very fast with the bulk of mails in it, with a mellow yellow colour or may be a sharp yellow coloured ribbon which actually reflects relaxation, hope and remembrance.



This logo is trying to reflect anti-terrorism and could be found on the official website of US CIA (Central Intelligence authority). Such big official government department website should not post these types of logos which can’t even attract the attention of children. It is more looking like a logo of the movie “Ghost Buster”. At such places logos are an important thing which should explain everything without even reading that what it is about.



This is a logo of a music program and is another worst logo due to the colour combination used in it. The design of the logo looks like an old fashioned belt buckle. It could be designed in much better way by inserting the latest winner’s image in it along with some good colour combination for text maybe sparkling blue and pink colour which associates it with adult boys and girls show.



This logo is although not that bad but not good either. Text in this logo is quiet fine and explains what Country wide is about, but the image used in the logo is of a small house and seems to be taken from places such as Microsoft clipart. It could be designed in a much better way by inserting an image of real a white coloured beautiful house with a blue roof as a background of the logo.



This is a company which provides security software. The computer designed in the logo was actually designed by a six year old girl who was daughter of this company’s CEO. This logo is not at all reflecting the professionalism of the company and is ruining its corporate image. Although it is nice picture if seen as a drawing by a six year old girl but not at all good for pasting with your company name as an corporate identity.



Prudential is a company which provides financial and insurance services worldwide. According to its website this company is the largest life insurance company of USA. But if you see its logo, nobody can say it portrays the right message to the target audience. Symbol in the logo cannot be understood easily or even I haven’t understood that what this picture want to say, a weird type of image. Color no doubt creating the soft image and exactly portrays the life insurance message, but that symbol ruined the overall impression.

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9 Responses so far.

  1. Dario says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for your feedback on my company logo.
    The logo itself is over 15 years old. It was initially designed by Randak http://www.randakdesign.com.
    We are considering a re-brand at the moment and would appreciate some further feedback (or maybe we can put some business your way).

    Kind Regards

    Dario Riccomini
    Managing Director

  2. Anthony says:

    well Dario, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, but as a part of logoinn.com, I found some logos not according to the fundamentals of corporate logo designing, and that included your logo as well.

    Anyway,thanks for writing the comments on logoinn.net, I like it….


  3. Dario says:

    None taken, I inherited the logo – it was not my doing :)

    Hopefully you’ll review it again some time (once it’s changed of course), with a better outcome.

    Please send me an email with contact details and I’ll send you some free products for your feedback.

    Thanks again


  4. Eric Stevens says:

    By the way, the Prudential logo used the image of the Rock of Gibralter, which was meant to indicate that Prudential as a company was, “as solid as the Rock of Gibralter.”

  5. kpad says:

    I have to agree, the prudential logo shows the rock of gibralter and before I knew what that even was I thought it was a huge mountain symbolizing the capacity and size of their company. I think it works great both ways. Prudential is a huge company which i’m sure has a lot of money to spend on top notch designers.

  6. rajapayloadz says:

    em. not all that logo are bad. Might be they have hidden meaning we never know.

  7. LogoInn says:

    RT @logoinn: 10 worst corporate logos!! http://bit.ly/9eYQXa

  8. I agree to you . I think there is no any well representation of company in these logo designs, for what purpose they have made these logos. may be there is some hidden logic.

  9. newtongregory878 says:

    Your website is generally probably the greatest . By and large effect of the blog is just delightful .

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