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The secret behind building a successful brand

Posted by Ben Johnson on January - 14 - 2015

It doesn’t matter if you are a big or small company. Your digital presence matters, it builds your brand.  Your viewers can easily get lost in a plethora of other brands or companies offering the same services or products as you. So the secret behind getting eminent success is to have proper digital branding, which  [ Read More ]

How to go about the logo maker for your business

Posted by Ben Johnson on November - 20 - 2014

When you need a logo and a brand identity for your business, then there a few options you might want to consider how you will go for a logo maker for your business logo. Your brand identity earns recognition in the competitive market and gains positivity for the business. Many organizations strive to have such  [ Read More ]

Economical Companies for Logo Design

Posted by Ben Johnson on November - 7 - 2014

If you belong to the UK, US or Australian Region; try searching for these terms cheap logo design or logo design company, and you’ll find logoinn (a five star design company) or a digital design company or any page ranging from the first or within the first five pages on Google. Logoinn is a genuine  [ Read More ]

Are circular logo designs more popular than rectangular designs?

Posted by Ben Johnson on November - 7 - 2014

I have been a logo maker since the past decade and have been working in various vicinities for the design industry, and I suppose that mostly circular logo designs are remembered easily, or get a higher recall value, if compared with rectangular designs, but this is only my analysis, and is not 100 %. Notice  [ Read More ]

Reinventing the Rules of Logo Design

Posted by Ben Johnson on October - 31 - 2014

Sometimes the only difference between the success and failure of the business is a memorable logo which straightaway wins the hearts and minds of the consumers and a poor logo which fails to give away any impact whatsoever. A snappy logo is the one which businesses want to connect with the target customers strongly and  [ Read More ]

How custom web design benefits your business

Posted by Ben Johnson on October - 30 - 2014

Competition and challenging environment is the push that keeps the business going and running effectively. It is a core part of the industry and business world. Before technological advancement, the intensity of global competition was not as high as it is now. Technological development made our lives easy with innovative ideas and thoughts for industries  [ Read More ]

Why Bigger Isn’t Better for a Logo Design

Posted by Ben Johnson on October - 29 - 2014

Generally we tend to believe that bigger images or designs are always better. Whatever looks bold of an intrinsic value, will punch more or get you more viewership. But that’s not how it works in the logo design industry, especially if we are talking about such symbols that are designed for mobile applications. You should  [ Read More ]

How to choose a professional website maker for your website

Posted by Ben Johnson on October - 29 - 2014

Success comes to those projects which are professionally executed and well-planned. The thought process or the planning process, along with the execution phase must be synchronized to deliver 100% in the project. Some ideas, though, look good on paper but fail when they are executed for the business. This is because these ideas haven’t been  [ Read More ]

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